Just got done face timing Lily, Autumn, Maggie, and Kaie while I'm waiting to get into surgery! She said "you going to be brave mommy?" Then wanted details on how big of a needle they're using. The nurse anesthetist just introduced herself and went over a treatment plan with me and gave me a huge hug on the way out and reassured me I'm in the right place and have the right man operating. Just a waiting game now, apparently there's another oncology case currently and he's taking his time which is comforting knowing I'm sure that transfers to all of his patients. Prayers to whoever is currently under and struggling and prayers for Dr. Joyce and his healing hands!


  1. This is a beautiful prayer:

    Praying praying praying!

    1. Disregard the "and so female" part. That's just odd. :) Love to Erin and all her family!