So the last few days have been rough trying to get a pain regimen together.  Maybe because when people asked how i was feeling the day after surgery I would tearfully respond great bc emotionally I was so relieved that this tumor can never be life threatening (just limb threatening!)  but physically, I was not great!  It seems my Dr, the pain mgt specialist, and my nurses all had their own separate plans on how i should manage my pain but none of them were being followed through! Apparently in surgery they sprayed my bone 3 times with liquid nitrogen and some of the nerves  are now pissed (16 yr old girl pissed, so it might be a while before they forgive me) And It wasn't until yesterday when my father and especially Shannon stood by my bedside and advocated for me until they figured out how to bring me back down.  Then couple that with being set up with an awesome murse Virgil we were on a path to rest and relaxation.  They up'd my numbing medication to my leg and my oral and booster delauted meds and I'm no longer nauseous and back to EATING a little!  Had some amazing visitors yest (Tim and Jenni Mrs Socha Beaners and Elise) that did wonders for lifting my spirits too!  On top of that, a Reike holistic specialist came in real late, maybe around 9ish, and did some healing touch and aromatherapy.  I seriously believe prayer brought her here!  Went to bed last night so hopeful.  Hopefully today will provide the same results, got up to go potty and instantly the pain returned and they up'd the numbing again. Not sure when they will let me go, the Dr. Said that the biopsy showed infection in the lab so that means IV antibiotics for a few more days.  He seems to think the sample was contaminated somehow between him and the lab bc when he looked at it immediately after pulling it out he did not see anything.  Really missing my girls.  The days to come will reveal the journey ahead, so thankful to be alive!

I still look at that X-Ray of my leg every day, its by my bedside, in awe.  How the heck did I walk on that for so long? How were they able to reconstruct the nothing thats left?  Dr. Joyce has made a few remarks along the lines of sure wish we would've had the X-rays done in May (when I was visiting the NY docs). Me too buddy me too.

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