Erin is in an extreme amount of pain.  The doctors are working on pain management.  Dennis was with her all night and neither of them got sleep.  She is hoping to update the blog later today but would like to thank everyone who has been praying for her.  The power of prayer is awesome.  Keep the prayers and love coming, the road to recovery is just beginning.

Below is a picture of her cool new leg! The dark part of the bone is where the tumor replaced bone mass and is now cement.  If you look at the top of the tibia you can see a little bit of white bone that the tumor had not gotten to yet and a little on the top sides but all the dark was eaten away.  There are three screws up top and three at the bottom and a plate on the side.  She will never get passed the front gate at a Brown's game again.  The doctor did three rounds of liquid nitrogen after he removed the tumor to kill any remaining cells.

The next step will be to protect Erin's leg over the next 6 weeks as she can not put any weight on it.  This will be challenging with two kids under two.  They think she is a mobile jungle gym.  I think I need to buy stock in bubble wrap.

We love you Erin!!! Can't wait to get you back to new! Just think of how many episodes of The Chew you can watch and how many recipes you'll be ready to whip up when this is over :) - aileen

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  1. That pic is insane!

    Ya know what goes really well with percoset? 5 episodes of Love and Hop Hop; Atlanta. Have you seen that mess? So juicy and totally worth getting in to.

    Hang in there, bunny!! Xoxo