Hello all! Thank you so much for all your prayers and kind thoughts and encouragement.  When they woke me up from surgery they made sure the first words they told me was "it was benign we got it all."  And all though I couldn't talk I was just rejoicing inside. Tears of joy AND pain at the same time was definitely an odd feeling.  My mom said the Dr. after surgery was very proud of his work and said he really made sure he got all the cells.  I am so grateful for him.  I've been in a lot of pain and it took me a while for them to get it down initially, I'm pretty sure they just kept dosing til it knocked me out.  I have a nerve block on my leg, taking oxycodone every 2 hrs, topping off w deloted and trying to control the nausea w zofran and I'm still at an 8! I just wonder how it would be without all this med!  I havent eaten yet, so that there says a lot.  I'm staring at a brownie right now and feel nothing!!!  Well i keep trying to remind myself that it could have been worse.  Someone tomorrow is coming in to try a more holistic approach to the pain which I'm really hoping will fix my spirits and help!  Shannon came to see me today and gave me a wonderful Hand massage and my sister A brought Elise in which both really helped me.  That girl Elise just loves me! Smiles every time we lock eyes as if she knows I need the love.  I'm missing my girls like crazy but its prob a bad idea to see them.  I can just feel the meltdowns now when they realize I can't hold or breast feed them and that would break my heart.
I just got done talking with Joyce's resident who answered all my post surgery questions.  Since this is considered an AGGRESSIVE benign tumor that WANTS to come back, there will be scans every 6 months forever so they catch it early and won't be as bad of an issue, and to discover any possible spread of benign lesions to the lungs.  We also talked about the chance of receiving a cadaver bone and total knee replacement if the cement fails later in life.  He said that Dr. Joyce will go over what I can or can't do with it, but he pretty much said low impact activities will be it.  PT did come in today and I took a few steps using the walker, not bearing weight on the surgery leg, but he said he was proud of my mobility and was very encouraging.
Well I'm going to try and rest, nauseas setting in and I need to close my eyes.  Love you all, Erin

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