1st post op with Dr. Joyce

Yesterday was our first post surgery meeting with Dr. Joyce! We got X-rays, pictures below, and new orders!  He wasn't too impressed with the new bone formation around the cement, especially on top.  I'm only allowed 10-20 lbs pressure on my leg but full flexion of the knee is allowed and I can take the brace off when sleeping which is a major bonus!  So last night I slept really really well! I have a chest CT on Saturday to make sure my lungs are clear from any tumors (none showed up on X-rays before surgery, its just a precaution because it is a common metastasis of this tumor) and I start out patient therapy Monday.  My at home therapist Sue came today and we worked on at home exercises!  I can actually lift my leg up now, you'd be so impressed, its all I can think about!  Very proud of myself!  I don't see the Dr again until October 22nd where another round of X-rays will be taken to reevaluate weight allowances.  Hopefully more bone will grow!  The physician assistant before Joyce came in to see us had a list of names and scribbles on a paper and wanted me to go over pre-Joyce treatment so he had the right guy to "yell at".  Thought that was interesting.  Lily also told the PA that Dr. Joyce was the man, but froze in front of him so he didn't get to hear it himself.

Dennis has left us this week to work some as his paid leave ran out a few weeks ago and he thought it was important to check on clients (I agree) so we are long distancing it right now.  We were able to Skype last night and Lily did not ever want to stop.  She kept full on hugging the IPad.  She also requested that daddy show her her room and asked him to play with her toys.  Dennis is in AWESOME hands, our neighbors have been cooking for him and having him over (they've also been watching our house and taking care of the lawn).  We lived there for 3 weeks.  There really are great people in this world!

I am still overwhelmed with all the outpouring of help and well wishes.  I was up late the other night reading fb messages and posts from a while back and went to bed feeling Just incredible.  It is amazing what a beautiful community of friends and family I've acquired in my lifetime and I was and still am touched by every one that reached out!  I feel like I could and will spend a life time trying to pay it all forward and it will never amount to all that was given, so from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Until next time,


  1. Erin...such a nice post. You are a special lady. Hope to see you soon. Call me if you need anything.