Suture removal

So I had an appointment yesterday.  They seem very happy with the incision and removed the sutures. Lily was there cheering me on with every stitch saying "you're so brave", it was so cute.  My physical therapist removed the bandage today and it looks pretty good.  My physical therapist seems pretty happy with my progress even though I can not do much.  I will not see her for a few more weeks when hopefully I will get clearance to do more.  One more day till I get to take a shower YEAH!!! My physical therapist is worried though about getting my brace wet and she doesn't want me to take it off at all so we'll see. The final histopathology results are in and confirm Giant Cell Tumor.  WAHOO! My next appointment is on the tenth when they will take another set of radiographs.  I also want to remind everyone that my cell phone is temporarily down.  If you wish to get a hold of me you can contact me on Facebook, text me on my I pad, or stop by.  My I pad number (text only) is (440) 497 6416.  I also want to thank everyone for their thoughts prayers and support.  I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.  

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