2 weeks out

Two weeks out and doing better. We have an appointment for suture removal tomorrow.  I am still unable to use my leg and it will be that way for some time.  My pain is better controlled but I have bouts where it is pretty intense.  I also had some intestinal issues this week that have since resolved, that was not fun.  I spent a good amount of time in the last few weeks researching GCT forums and found a few good facebook pages that kept me up too late reading people's stories and worrying about the future.  Check out "One In A Million (GCT)" there is a good network of patients on there all with different (and too many the same) stories.  My latest concern is whether or not it would ever be safe to have more kids and its looking like the answer is a resounding NO.  Talk about God having a plan, maybe that is why I was pregnant at 24.  As I'm thankful for my two darlings, the thought of ending our family is rather depressing.
I have met with the physical therapist three times now.  She has given me some exercises to work on but they are obviously limited as I'm not allowed to bear weight.  Even with the limitations they are still hard!  It's as if my muscles packed up and left for a better body!  Dennis changes my bandaid daily and each day my leg looks more and more deformed.  My calf is starting to concave in!  After Dennis changes my bandage he takes my old wrap and Lily demands he changes hers with it!  Aileen took a video today of Lily telling her about how the Dr. cut her leg open and took out the bad stuff eating her bone and replaced it with stuff that makes her bone stronger. 

Dennis has been helping out a lot recently.  Between helping with my exercises, changing my bandage, my daily injection, taking care of the girls and fetching me water he has his hands full (Kaie and my father help out a lot too)!  My only complaint is that I think he is growing a duck dynasty beard.  He hasn't shaved in weeks. I will update tomorrow after the suture removal.  


  1. Keep being the wonderful and strong woman you are!!Prayers from the Big Cat Kronjak!!!

  2. Keep posting. Thanks for the update. Marianne