4 days out...

Just met with my resident and we're starting to talk about getting out of here!  The last 36 hrs my pain has been low and my spirits UP!  I've severely cut the pain meds down so the groggy, nausea, dizzies have gone away.  Last night i dozed off to the "reike healing touch" Pandora channel and had some awesome rest (besides almost jumping out of my bed to some man trying to wake me to draw blood at 1am!).  My pain has been controlled by an epidural/nerve block and its been a life saver, I just can't take it home.  So to go home, they gradually turn it off,without disconnecting, and keep me 24 hrs to see how I do with the pain, and up the oral narcotics.  Not excited about that but worth a try to get home.  So the anesthesiologist just turned it off and I'm praying that it won't be too bad and I can just forego the narcotics.  If all goes well should be home tomorrow, we'll see. Still nervous, my leg/foot is super swollen so I've been icing like crazy, you should see my cankles!!!  I think my nerves have started to forgive me for freezing them to death bc I've got more feeling back in my foot, less tingling and numbness.  We just took my immobilizer off and they fitted me for another bionic contraption that locks and unlocks and can limit the degree of bending, bc for now I'm not allowed to bend but eventually they'll gradually allow it just won't be weight bearing!  Got up with physical therapy and walked out of my room and back and now just sitting in a chair about to dive into some gossip mags Kelsey and Jeremy brought me til then! Counting my blessings, love you all, Erin.

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  1. Don't know you Erin but you're a tough girl and I'm praying for you and your family!