We're back!

Thanks to my mother in law and Joe we are back getting settled in New York and we love it!  Lily was so excited when we first arrived she had to play with every toy before going to bed.  We've spent the week taking her to the drop in center, the library, visiting friends, reorganizing our lives and Joe has been fixing things like crazy!  So far he's cleaned the gutters, mowed the lawn, cut apart a giant branch that fell in our yard while we were gone, cut and split fire wood, inspected our chimney, fixed our toilet seat, swept up all the spiders that moved in while we were gone, and buffed and waxed our hardwood floors while Mrs. Socha helped me take care of the kids, unpack, organize, and clean my house, grocery shop, and cook!  It takes a village and I'm grateful for mine! They leave Sunday and Audrey's coming Tuesday (to Fri) so we had a Monday void to fill and my friends here are rallying to fill it so we can stay with Dennis a little longer before heading back to Cleveland for my appointment on the 22nd.  There's some pretty awesome people around here.  Speaking of awesome people, the church we belong to, All Saints, heard from a friend that we were back in town and called and came over with this.  I can't wait to plant the mums in front of our house and have them always (and eat the dark chocolate haha)!  We are very lucky to have found such a fun, caring, full of life church, and we can't wait to be back Sunday!  Thanks again so much!

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