Post-op Dr appt and Benefit info

Well we came back to Cleveland this week for appointments and PT.  My PT says I've made progress and thinks I'm getting stronger so that's great.  Saw Dr. Joyce Tuesday and we took more films.  Good news no sign of recurrence, bad news we need more bone growth in the back of my tibia where the tumor broke through! He wants me to keep on the same path until I'm 3 months post op then I can begin weight bearing as tolerated then I see him again in 3 months for more scans and check up.  He also said I have to wear this brace until I'm 6 month post op.  
We're heading back to New York tomorrow to be with daddy so he's not lonely!  It's also quite a bit easier on the kiddos too and me since they have a pretty good schedule there and lots of opportunities to see little friends and get their energy out!  We'll miss family time but it won't be long until we'll be back for the big benefit on Nov 10th at the Eagles in Amherst  Its looking like a great time with great raffle items!  Some of the confirmed raffle items so far include:

47" Vizio LED Smart TV ($20 tickets, 150 total, on sale now)
OSU quilt from Chris Bereznay
BRED outdoors basket with $150 gift card to Cabelas
$25 Harbor bait Drivethru Gift Card
Fish mount by Anglers Freeze Dry
Cedar point basket with season passes from Susan Stookey
Vermilion Farmers Market basket
Starbucks basket from Jane Pavlac
Sweet treat basket made by "cupcake" Kari VanDenHaute
Rub Club massage package from Dr. Jeremy Watson
Ironwood Cafe basket from Marie Casey
Rewined candles from Jeanette Davis

Pogey is catering (he did our wedding) and cooking steaks to order and there will be a keg of beer included in the $20 ticket price, cash bar beyond that.  One of my absolute favorite Boathouse performers John Salamon will be at his piano bar rocking out some tunes for us (that's prob where you'll find me!) and it's sure to be a good time!  Did I mention the next days Veterans Day?  Maybe you have it off and can even let a little loose!  If having a great times your thing then get ahold of my sister Aileen (440)4542635 (text or call), Shannon Murphy, Audrey Socha, or Marianne Socha for tickets!

Here's a pic of my girls and niece this week just to end it with a smile 

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