Today was the first day with my new therapist in New York and I really like her!  I'll be going twice a week now as I'm now "weight bearing as tolerated" which means new exercises yay!!  Finally.  So today I leg pressed 7 pounds with my "bum leg" as Lily calls it, wahoo!  I also stood on a balancing ball and gradually let more weight shift from my upper body to my lower.  All in all was great to feel some progress, but obviously have a long way to go.  I asked her if she could guess at how long til I can walk and she said 8 weeks is a possibility, but that doesn't mean unassisted.  Then I asked how long til I can carry and walk Autumn to the car and she said that's a totally different answer and we'll just have to see.  We also talked about my misdiagnosis and she asked what Dr. It was.  When I told her who she informed me that one of her patients saw him and told her that he's leaving the practice and moving back to Utah.  I hope that I didn't have anything to do with that.

Lately I've been having some unexplained pains/soreness/slight throbbing on the front of my tibia and below my knee where I was bruising before surgery and its freaking me out.  I notice it especially at night in bed as its uncomfortable to lay on my side with my knees together (therapist told me to put a pillow between).  Started a few days ago and I'm hoping its just from maybe doing too much around the house that irritated it, or feelings coming back where it wasn't before... I'm going to monitor it to see if it doesn't go away after I get more muscle support and set a time frame on that (maybe Thanksgiving) before alerting my Doctor and getting an X-ray.  Hopefully its just strained from lack of muscle support...  

All in all life's good.  Had Audrey all last week helping me, got some of our room in New York unpacked, the girls room organized, had lots and lots of toddler playtime, made lots of new friends, and even had a dirty martini party til we ran out of brine (didn't take too many for that). Now we're in Ohio getting ready for the big benefit Sunday and hopefully going to get to soak that all in Sunday.  Talked to John Salamon about final details on how he wants to run the entertainment and instantly my excitement level went up, he's a great guy and plans on singing his little heart out (me too!). There's going to be some AWESOME raffles which begs the question is it proper to bid on them at your own benefit? So excited to see my nephew Henry again and all the family and friends of ours in one place (Little guy gets a shout out bc he's 5 months and I can count on one hand how many times I've seen him!). Hope to see you all there! 

All my love,

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  1. Can't wait to see you guys (and party too).